BeReadyLI Children’s Workshop, a safety collaboration between United Way of Long Island, PSEG Long Island and 2-1-1 Long Island, is a comprehensive online resource aimed at helping Long Island residents prepare before, during, and after disasters. This site compiles, in one place, all of the tools needed to stay safe, including guides to types of disasters, fun and educational Sesame Street videos for children, an interactive quiz, weather map, targeted tips for those with special needs (with ADA compliant viewing tools) and an all-in-one database for need-to-know updates and alerts.

Recognizing that it is crucial for every member of the family to be prepared in case of an emergency, BeReadyLI launched a Children’s Workshop program to help the youngest family members be ready. The Children’s Workshop is adaptable for both classroom and assembly-style presentations, offered to children aged preschool through 2nd grade.

This interactive lesson captures students’ attention by using engaging videos, activities and take-home packets to help them learn and retain the information. Students learn the importance of knowing their full names, recognizing who in the community can help in case of an emergency, knowing their caregivers first and last names, and what should go in their ‘go packs’.

Since its inception, nearly 24,000 students have participated in these workshops. For more information on how to bring this program to your school, contact Jacqui at, or call 631.940.6529

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